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Want Free Delivery?

Brew'ed Biscuits delivered for free...we are so happy to be available in their collection of pet essentials🦴

At A Bone’s Throw, we share a special bond with our animals, just like you do.   Our goal is to make both your life and your pet’s easier.  Whatever your pet may eat, sleep or poop on, it’s our business to bring those essentials to you saving both time and hassle of travelling to the store. 

Quality and convenience are what started our adventure, and your satisfaction and pet’s health are what drive us, all our premium products have a special background.

We make it our mission to get your pet essentials delivered before you’re scraping the bottom of a kibble bag. You set the delivery schedule and we bring the goods...delivered for free!     

Brew'ed Biscuit Distributor

We are excited to be working with Traynors Bakery Wholesale for Brew'ed Biscuit distribution 🚚

Traynor's Bakery Wholesale is a family owned business that began with the purchase of a warehouse and distribution business in 1948 by David Traynor. Today, the company is growing rapidly - they offer hundreds of products to bakeries & breweries at fair, wholesale prices to vendors.  Contact for more information and pricing.

Spent Grain Providers

Thankyou , thankyou, thankyou....we are so grateful to all our grain providers!

Spent Grain (steeped oats and barley) accounts for approximately 50% of our ingredient list.  It is a tasty, healthy by-product, courtesy of beer; that until recently has really only been known to farmers.  As breweries increase so does the spent grains produced, those not able to go to the farm will go to landfills as waste.  It is our goal to rescue and recycle all homeless grains to our forever home so they can continue to deliver our recycled happiness message.  Thank you to all the breweries who contribute to our cause.


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